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Tech Tips Volume 2

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Tech Tips - Volume 2

Get the production knowhow and make those productions shine like the pro's. From rewiring Reason and Cubase, through to the awesome side chain techniques and reverse reverbs. All the tips and tricks in one place.  

Course features:

• Learn to make music online, in your own time and at your own pace;

• Learn quickly from our high quality video tutorials, presented by industry professionals;

• Get the most from your equipment – there is nothing more frustrating than having kit and not being able to use it. You want to make music and Sonic Academy tutorials show you how!

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Video 16 error loading

video 17 is video 16

tutorial 17 is played on tutorial 18, i think the missing video on tutorial 16 since its shifted up all others are shifted up as well.

advanced reverse reverb cubase tutorial 21 is tutorail 20 and missing cubase video.

Hey @ronnyrydgren Thanks for pointing this out, all videos have now been fixed and should be working correctly.


Good tech tips. There is always something new to learn.

Years and years and I’ve never used ReWire. Crazy fun

Cool Tips, Thanks! :wink:

Happy doing this with vocals, but Synth rev’ reverb got any videos on that ???


From the main tutorial page, use the magnifier icon on the top right page to enable search by key words and type in wht you’re looking for, like " reverse reverb" in this case. The new website feature is now displaying not only matching tutorials to your search but also specific videos. Searching for “reverse reverb” I found this one in Ableton.

Be also sure to check the recent video tutorial explaining about the new website feature, it’s quite an handy one.


helpful tips cheers