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Tech Tips Volume 20

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Sonic Academy presents 'Tech Tips Volume 20' - 8 brand new tech tips in Logic Pro X to help you get the best from your DAW, speed up your workflow and take your production skills to the next level.


In this collection delivered by both 'Echo Sound Works' and 'Chris Agnelli', you will get essential production tips like how to tempo sync a reverb for those big room lead lines, make super big super saws in NI's 'Massive', Mid Side EQing for synths, and lastly, quick and easy sample search in Logic's EXS24.


Over an hour of essential tips and tricks ! 


good video
i do, however, miss the videos by phil, bryan and chris

same sadly

I did two at the end, :-).....But we hear ya ! (but can't believe anyone could miss us!)

Hi Chris,

Wasn't real clear on the importance of un-clicking "One Shot" when you build a library.

Thats Cr2 packs.. but nice remake of the Midis

With one shot on, all samples will play until the end if the file, and ignore the release on the adsr. Un-clicking give you control over the release time of the sample.

Thanks Chris :-)

amazing course

WOW Thank You