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Tech Tips Volume 21 With SeamlessR

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Welcome to Tech Tips Volume 21 with SeamlessR. In this volume of 10 all new tips and tricks, we take a look specifically at melody writing, basic chords, arrangments and mixing tricks, SeamlessR guides you through his personal take on how to get your productions laid down faster.

Using FL Studio 12 as a sketch pad, you can follow along in any DAW, we look closely at workflows that can help you get your track finished faster. From arranging drops, melody writing, cool chords progressions to EQing and mixing tips. It’s all here in 10 bite-sized tips perfect for that daily commute or the lunchtime browse.

good stuff here. thanks seamless

Episode 214 – that’s how I first learned how to get that sidechain effect before I knew it was called sjidechaining. I thought I was doing it wrong this whole time; I will definitely revisit doing it this way! Excellent tutorial though!

This is great. Really appreciate these tips.

Dude… Reharmonization. I never knew there was a word for it. It’s my favorite thing in music. Thanks for this.

good stuff seamless. know i know some of your secrets