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Tech Tips Volume 24 with Protoculture

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Welcome to Tech Tips Volume 24 with the mighty Protoculture. In this volume of 10 all new tips and tricks, Nate AKA Protoculture takes a look at some cool snare processing techniques, some wicked cubase workflow tips, programming his famous ‘Talkbox lead’ sound from his Pegasus track and lastly, how to get super clean delays on your basslines.

Using Cubase, most of these tips will apply to any DAW so you can improve your productions and mixdowns today.

Good stuff! Just a wild guess: You wouldnt happen to be sponsored by Vengeance, would you? Never mind, good plugins.

Great tech tips series!

How to make trance with protoculture series next??


@rabiang lol, actually no… purchased them all myself. Don’t see a lot of peeps using them but yeah, cheap and really cool plugins… there’s other plugins out there that do the same, but their functionality is really geared for dance music and super simple which I love.

@poddy Working on something, can’t say when but its in the pipeline.

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Nice one!!! Cant wiat for this do you use ableton? Any chance you could make it in ableton lol

Nope sorry, not a fan of Ableton at all for production. I use it for my radio show but thats about it :frowning:

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thank you for being such an amazing teacher! I also have the psytrance masterclass with you, e-clip, and major 7 and you are a great teacher!

love these, very handy tips, more cubase stuff please!!!

Were can i find these?

Found another use for Ozone for which it was not originally intended to be used: multiband distortion as in Tut 239. It’s all good. Get more mileage out of stuff you have. Thanks.

That would be great Nate. Would love to see you put together a psy trance track from scratch. Although please don’t use a sample for the bass! Show u some how to make one from scratch.

Hello from a fellow South African :slight_smile:

Hehe, myself, never understood the appeal of Ableton.

Wondering what the cubase macro was for that bounce in place of the snares

I cant play any of them. It says they are unavailable :frowning:


super cool!

super cool#2!

fucking amazing tips :slight_smile: thank you!! love all your tutorials!!

Your tutorials are really informative and helpful! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with such sincerity! Awesome.