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Tech Tips Volume 25 with Jaytech

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Welcome to Tech Tips Volume 25 with Jaytech. Here, Jay uses a track that’s almost finished to show you some really cool tips and tricks on how to squeeze the last production ounce out of each track, section and overall master.

This is a massive treasure trove of mix and mastering techniques to really make those tracks shine. Jay does what he call a vertical and horizontal audit, where he looks in depth at each and every aspect of the production and asks the question’s - is it the best? Does it need to be there? Can it be improved?

Want to take your production to the next level? - then this is for you!

Awesome videos! These techniques are easy to apply but should be very useful. Will definitely keep them in mind to bring more structure in finishing my tracks.

Thanks for such a great tutorial! For this project, all the reverbs are applied to the individual tracks. Is that better than applying reverb through one or two return tracks? Does it make the track sound cleaner in the mix when you have multiple individual reverb effects set up on all the tracks or either method is fine?

Great tutorial but I feel this would be perfect if you actually gave us the Ableton Files to practice the techniques. I strongly believe the learning process is easier when we can use what you teach hands-on!

Besides that - i looooove these lessons! Keep em coming!

Very good tutorial love Jaytech music brilliant producer and very well explained. I was watching the bits were he paused the video and then restarted it again, for example ‘‘Tutorial 253 - Jaytech’s Pan Technique’’ he paused it for 15 mins and came back with the result would of been nice to see him doing the techniques live, but on the other hand saves time i like short and quick tutorials! Started listening to his new podcast thing hes doing check it out not a radio show podcast links below. More videos from Jaytech!!

Hi Jimbo, Really liked the tutorials. The format was great where you talk about what the goal is, you go off and do it, and then walk us through it. Hope to see more! Also I’ve been a supporter of your mix show for a while now. Keep up the great work! Thanks, C

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Give us more Jaytech!

Defiantly more Jaytech. and maybe Arty to.

Awesome tips


Epic !!

great tips!

Wow! very inspiring! thanks for your dedication, it helps me a lot!

Can’t wait for more! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!

Thanks for your willingness to share!

Jaytech is awesome! Lens Let the Light In is my fav

Jaytech is such a master! Great course!

Now I finally know what OTT stands for. and the Vocoder trick is genius (tutorial 250!)

really Nice

Awesome course thanks so much