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Tech Tips Volume 26

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Welcome to our Tech Tips Volume 26 - a Kick 2 special!

Due to our recent success with Kick 2 being voted as the best new drum plugin in 2016 by MusicRadar, we thought we’d share a little inside knowledge of how to get the most out Kick 2 and give an insight into some areas users may have missed.

Firstly, Chris runs through a few of his useful top tips to speed up workflow, rendering kicks out, and also takes a look at the limiter and settings section.

Phil looks at the more advanced feature of creating sub files, then shows us how to fine tune your kicks and create snares.

Lastly, Bryan takes a look at correcting any phasing issues you may have along with portamento and sharing your presets


Thank You Phil & Chris .

Man! I missed load of these features. Without doubt one plugin I am glad I bought. Worth every penny. Thank You Guys :slight_smile:

Wooow! I missed so many parameters and function’s :open_mouth:
Even the eq section. I subconsiously knew it where there, But I’ve never thought about it haha.
Thanks alot! This was very needed information
And I just realised how many different sounds other than kicks that you can probably create with this.
Toms, snares, other percussions, and sub bass of course. But can you also do claps, shakers, closed hats and more mid rangy basses? Probably not such things as leads, open hats and rides. Or can you?

Question… I installed the Kick 2 demo, and as I was fiddling with the software, every so often, id say every… minute or so there will be a loud hissing white noise sound that is soft then very quickly rises REALLY loud then suddenly stops… It all happens in a matter of seconds but defiantly keeps on happening… no matter what im doing in it… Windows 10 / FL studio 12. Besides that I love the software and I will buy it as long as I can make sure this issue can be resolved somehow :open_mouth:

Hi @0neyefl0 - the hiss comes from being in demo mode. Once you have purchased and installed the full version, the hiss will be removed. Hope this helps!

The course set me well on my way to creating and tuning my own Kicks. Just so easy and they sound awesome straight out of the box. Spend a little time watching this course and read the Manual a few times, it’s not long. You will be surprised at what you can create. To render your creation, set one of the sources to follow Key Tracking, place your cursor in the Key filed and drag up or down to the position you want it to be saved, press Generate and then drag the file to your project window. It’s as simple as that. Thank you Sonic Academy.

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Still haven’t got Kick 2, YET… But this is useful for all kinds of synthesis fundamentals. Thanks.

Thanks for the walktrough and the inspiration!


Nice walk-through…now I gotta get Kick 2 :smiley:

Kick looks awesome!

Nice tips, thanks.

Thanks for the Kick2 Tutorial!

esta bien padre

So excited for this!

the eq is new to me, glad i watched this!

Nice series! Brief explanations (no need to cut the crap :smiley: ) with good examples that cover real situations.
Thanks guys

Thanks guys