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Tech Tips Volume 27 - Sound Design

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Welcome to Tech Tips Volume 27 with Bluffmunkey.

Over these 10 tutorials, Bluffmunkey shows us some cool techniques in sound design that’ll take your production skillz to the next level.

From giving your drums more presence and building your own incredible pad sounds, to creating epic cinematic hits and spooky atmospheres these quick tips are a gold mine of information for Ableton users of all abilities.

You’re guaranteed to get inspired after watching so go check it out, learn from a sound design guru and get creative!

hi there @bluffmunkey can you please share where are the loops in the first video from?

Sure, the kick is Kick2, the percussion loop is SA progressive trance sample pack and the tom is from the same pack, just put into simpler and run through Lives ping pong delay.

found the granular techniques pretty handy!

Thank you! Very useful course!


Great stuff here, thank you!

Excellent as usual, thank you!

This is awesome dude

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