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Tech Tips Volume 30 - King Unique

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This week Sonic Academy welcomes back all round studio junkie Matt Thomas, aka King Unique, for an all new selection of impressive tips and tricks to take your skills to the next level.

Over these 8 videos, Tech Tips Volume 30 firstly showcases some dope software that’s either free or won’t break the bank, giving you the ability to manipulate audio with some awesome results.
Matt also shares his quick techniques for tightening beats, sidechaining reverb and creating your own stereo widener in Ableton.

Check it out, get inspired and go create!

I just discovered that Paul Stretch is already installed with the copy of audacity that I had installed already. I didn’t even have to download anything. It’s under the effects menu. Currently making a bank of atmos.

the akai-s950 site gives an error message in german “error 404”… do you think you can share the akaizer plugin through here in the resources section?

Same here on the akaizer. Really want this program. Great tips though. If you’re a Mac user i would definitely recommend using the Paul Stretch via audacity as limitbreak has pointed out, otherwise you’ll need to compile the code yourself, which is a lot more time consuming. The interface via audacity is also a bit nicer. Nice one limitbreak!

I was very impressed in T300 - Pual’s Extreme Sound Stretch. Thanx!

hi - akaizer can still be downloaded here

and in case anyone can’t find the paul stretch app rather than source code

@Watkins how reliable is this macinformer site?.. I really don’t want any malware on my computer.
I wish they’d just upload it to the course resources.

Great tips from Matt! I enjoyed watching a tutorial from one of my favorite producers. Some of these tricks I’ve heard in other songs before but never knew how they were accomplished. I found the sections on Akaizer, Paul’s Extreme Sound Stretch, and Stereoizer to be the most helpful.

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nice .I like the 2 verb idea too