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Tech Tips Volume 31 - Mac Vaughn

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After the success of his Minimal Techno course here for Sonic Academy, this week we proudly welcome back dark, minimal techno sensei Mac Vaughn, for an all new set of Tech Tips in Ableton.

Over the next 10 videos, we find out how to generate unique bass lines, atmospheres and effects that’ll not only inspire your creative flow but also build on your knowledge and tools to make Ableton work for you.

A real insight into some of Mac Vaughn’s methods and techniques, these pro tips and tricks will help take your skillz to the next level and generate a whole load of sounds like no other to use in your tracks!

Watch and get inspired!

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Awesome tech tips, particularly building the atmosphere and FX generators. I would never have thought to use a gated white noise hit for side chaining either, definitely provides more control. I’ve had Reaktor for ages and have never even opened the Resochord ensemble! If any other Reaktor users are having trouble locating it (Mac opens it from his favourites) it’s under Factory->Ensembles->Electronic Instruments Vol. 2. Going to have a sound design session over the weekend and put all of this stuff to good use. More tech tips from Mac please.

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Another great set of tech tip tutorials, really looking forward to putting some of these into practice, particularly the velocity morphing.

This is great.

Random but can you not purchase the original kick plug in anymore?

both of the bass patterns were good lol



yo Mac V on your Atmosphere generator tut 311 you asked for anyone to send you a message if there was an easy way to space out the ranges of the zones. well there is just highlight all the zones (sounds) as you did in the video, right click on them and select the option “distribute ranges either equally or around key”.

If you don’t have ableton or want to get that atmospheric generator quickly, one way to do it is to work with audio files and soundtoys filter freak

Love Mac as a tutor, but for movies I would rather not see these high screen resolutions. Scaling down a bit makes everything far more readable…

Great atmospheres, thank you!