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Tech Tips Volume 34 with 2Scoops

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This week Sonic Academy welcomes back LA based 2Scoops for a brand new set of Tech Tips in Ableton.

Prepare yourself for some sick 808’s, overdriven Hardstyle kicks, and dope drop synthesis all using ANA 2, Kick 2 but predominantly Ableton’s stock audio effects to achieve the end result.

Checking out some overlooked effects such as Ableton’s Phaser and Frequency Shifter, 2Scoops designs some ‘out there’ effects that’ll get you up to speed with the trap / dubstep hybrid genre that’s become so lit in the LA club scene today.

We also look at using synthesisers for percussion, vocal chop drops, granular stretching, sidechaining and unconventional mastering techniques.

Go check it out. Peace!

you should create a collection of Kick2/ANA2 tutorials and make those available to owners of your plugins

I heard clipping tho

cool thx

good tuto

Great lessons! The phaser one was eye-opening. I’ll have to start pushing all the effects to extremes to see what happens!