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Tech Tips Volume 35

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Welcome to Tech Tips Volume 35, an all new set of tips in both the updated Logic Pro X and Ableton 10 to help get the most from your DAW.

In these ten videos, Rory from Hyper Production looks at various tips and tricks which include creating cool bass lines from scratch, helping different elements from percussion to lead and pad sounds cut through the mix with compression and EQ matching, creating your own audio rack to help give your sounds a more random, human feel, and syncing a sidechain release to your tempo.

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned pro, our Tech Tips series are always worth checking out for tips and tricks you weren’t aware of before, helping you streamline your workflow, understanding your DAW to make it work better for you, and ultimately giving you the techniques to make your tracks more awesome!


Nice tricks

Very cool - thanks. Already used some in my new mix!

Such a cool tip for the match EQ, gonna come in very handy. Thanks so much.

There is a nice plugin called TrackSpacer, that does this kind of inverse EQing of one track against a reference. :wink: