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Tech Tips Volume 36

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Welcome to Tech Tips Volume 36 with our good friend, and sound design fanatic Bluffmunkey.
Over these 10 videos, Bluffmunkey looks at some of the more overlooked plugins in Ableton 10 and sheds some inspirational light on how to use them in your own productions.

From being able to always play along with your tracks in key and utilising Ableton’s in-built synth and spectrum analyser, to creating unearthly sounds and distorting or crushing incoming audio so it becomes something else entirely, these tips will help relieve any creative blocks you encounter on your journey to make your own unique sound.

Super useful to anyone currently using Ableton, and eye-opening for those who are thinking of a change.

Get on it!

Good stuff man, enjoyed your course

Very Helpful

Really handy - never spotted the semitone detail before - cheers!

Def should take a look on this course :wink:

love the subliminal pics :wink: