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Tech Tips Volume 38 with WNTER

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Welcome to Tech Tips Volume 38!

For these 10 creative tips in Ableton we welcome back multi-instrumentalist Thomas Cochran aka WNTER, who shares his techniques in time stretching and resampling to create entirely unique sounds.

Using both the samplers available in ANA 2 and Serum along with Ableton’s own ‘Simpler’ device we transform pianos, guitars, vocals, drums, and more into lo-fi pads and textures, embracing the usually unwanted artefacts to get gritty, distorted and ambient sounds to use in our tracks.

Whether you’re making a downbeat, chill-out masterpiece or simply looking for your own background ambience or atmosphere to add warmth to your track, WNTER shows us the tools to make entirely new sounds yourself from simple one shot samples or even originally unwanted noise from a recording.

A truly creative and inspiration set of tips that’ll help you step away from simply choosing a preset or dropping in a pre-recorded loop, and make your own set of original patches instead.

great to see you back here, WINTER aka Thomas - your Reason tutorial on LIGHTS got me to buy Reason!

very good tutorial! Thanks! )

Great Tutorial Half way thru now

Thank You Winter !