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Tech Tips Volume 41 with Dom Kane

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Tech Tips Volume 41 is here and this time we proudly welcome back mau5trap’s Dom Kane to share some pro secrets with you!

From playing in the right scale, speeding up your workflow, humanising your beats, and getting a perfect mixdown these tips are relatively simple to carry out, but an awesome reminder that sometimes the most effective way to become a better producer is to strip things back and not get too obsessed with technical wizardry.

Dom’s success is one that many producers strive for, so to get the inside knowledge of his production techniques, how he raises his game and is able to create tracks for world-class labels is indispensable.

Not one to miss!

Great tutorial! From now on I throw away my compressor of my Kick2 group/bus/etc. So obvious when you say it like that. Almost feel stupid :slight_smile:

The tip about listening from another room is actually a part where I sometimes feel a bit crazy…

In my small apartment, thats about 43m2, I found out that my toilet really is the place to listen for the balance.
Especially the bass :slight_smile:

Keep it flow :slight_smile:

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Nice course, thanks, guys, much to learn here!

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Really good tips in here! Is the track being released somewhere? Really digging it!

However, I think the Hi pass filter tip is really quite dangerous. I did apply it quite liberally before, but then when playing around with bass sounds, I noticed that high pass filtering really alters the sound of the bass. And if your bass is playing more than one note in the scale, this can be a major problem as the tonal quality of the bass can be shifting per note pitch. The effect is even more pronounced if you have some non-linear processing later in the chain (like distortion).

This all comes down to phase shift, which all filters do. So applying high pass filter on master track just to be on the safe side is something I really would not do anymore.

Also, when filtering tracks that have same phase content (synth and reverb/delay send) you can easily introduce phase alignment problems. There are some good youtube videos explaining the phenomenon (White Sea Studio and Owen Palmer for instance)

So just be wary of this and don’t hi pass filter just because you think it’s something you should do. Always do it in context!

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@domkane - really useful tips, thanks. Quick question regarding exporting. Do you export your send effects or do you re-create them in Mixbus? (Also a vote for a Mixbus 32C tutorial sometime?)

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Thanks guys.

@snlehton - you’re right about the potential for phase issues, perhaps I should have pointed out I always use a mono-maker below 300Hz (ish), but it’s often not a problem tbh.

@TJJ1066 - thanks, I always export the send fx stems from bitwig. No need to do it all over again :slight_smile:

Its a tricky one with the HP though co it can be easy to cut all the warmth out of the sound. I agee with you on the compression though, I’m trying to use it on when i need to tame something or stop it from dissapearing, or to glue groups together.

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Great little theory trick =)

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Loads of great advice in here! Cheers!


Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

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