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Tech Tips Volume 42 with Christian Vance

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Welcome to Tech Tips Volume 42 where we welcome back Berlin based Techno and Ableton guru Christian Vance for 10 more awesome tips, tricks and techniques.

This time he’s focussing on slicing and chopping drum loop samples using different methods in Ableton to create your own unique beats. From selecting the right sample to using the tools available at your fingertips, these 10 tips will inspire you to make your own personal loops to use in your projects.

We also check out how you can save on CPU, re-use old stems and edit previous tracks to take your own creations in a new direction.

Christian’s ever popular courses are about breaking away from the norm and making the DAW do the hard work while you focus on having fun!

Accessible to beginners and seasoned producers alike, these 10 tips are not to be missed!

Thanks you!

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Thanks for the inside of your process of making music

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Hahaha Christian is BACK ! Thanks for the tips and tricks…

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