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Tech Tips Volume 43 with P-LASK

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Sonic Academy proudly welcomes back Ableton certified trainer Paul Laski aka P-LASK for Tech Tips Volume 43.

These 10 videos give Ableton users an awesome insight into some of the more unknown features available to you, helping you create more movement and dynamics in your sounds while speeding up your workflow in the process.

Starting with a clever use of Auto Pan’s LFO we also check out the sidechain function on the ‘Gate’ plugin, envelope shaping our drum one-shots, generating basslines, successfully converting stereo to mono without loss of volume, downward expansion techniques, utilising Drum Rack to its full potential and more!

These tips are a goldmine to beginners and advanced Ableton users alike and with P-LASK’s clear, easy-to-follow method of ‘how it’s done’, we guarantee you’ll be using some if not all of these tips at some point in your future productions.

Go check it out!

Very informative and smart. Thanks

Super tutorial, thanks a lot for this! May I suggest one thing? In 430 you name the notes of the minor scale incorrectly. It´s not D#,G# and A#, but Eb, Ab, and Bb in the C minor scale. I know this sounds a bit squeamish since they are the same key on a keyboard. But I think, it is better to use the correct terminology. Once people understand musictheory further, the notes in question relate to harmonic functions. The knowledge of these is not fundamental in modern music, but advantageous for creating own compositions which may want to expand into other territories. Sorry, I do not want to appear a smartalec, but I think there a benefits of doing this right.

Great tips, love the way P-LASK explains things.

thank you for very useful tips. downward expansion is superuseful for Moog DFAM. i also find that FabFilter MB can give more control and visual info if needed.

well done

Wow. Very useful tips and deep learning into Live. Opens a lot more possibilities when tweaking sounds, and all with stock plugins… Thanks !