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Tech Tips Volume 50

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Welcome to Tech Tips Volume 50!!

That’s over 500 Tech Tips now available to watch on Sonic Academy!

For this 50th celebration we’ve asked some familiar Sonic Academy faces to come back and share their favourite tips including Protoculture, Dom Kane, Owsey, Dirty Secretz, Bluffmunkey, King Unique, P-LASK, and of course our very own Chris Agnelli and Phil Johnston.

Get some awesome workflow tips from the pros to take your skillz to the next level!

Check it out!

Thanks guys, really cool tips, my favorite tip is King Unique’s Shimmer Effect :+1:

Hello, I’ll introduce myself :
I am a young artist ( with disability ) of 47 years old and I am a singer learning music since the age of 40 years.
Since yesterday i got the student statue from fabfilter which i really like for these plugins

Tech Tips Fabrice Oze :

1/2 :TechTips of phil Jonston on my new music and the effect is incredible .

3 : Impossible to do with my Ableton Standard i haven’t got the money to have the new Ableton 10 but is a veritable good Techtips

4 : For me it is the best technological advice of this 50 th TechTips. No more scaler software for me.Thank You Dome Kane

5 : This vocoder is not bad but I subscribe to waves Gold Plan so I think I would do exactly the same thing as Nate with Ovox by Waves. Sory i’m a veritable Ableton Live and all your course i doing with Ableton Live 9 Standard

6 : Chris you have gray hair and a gray beard. It’s normal you are a real pro with a very good Logic. I will try to do the same with Live. Cheers

7 : I have got the Plugins Motion waves but impossible to do the same think . Lovely Paul Lask

8 : I have disability so :
Thank You ! Thank You ! Thank You ! Thank You ! Thank You ! Thank You ! Thank You ! Thank You ! Thank You ! Thank You ! Thank You !

9 : It is very interesting what we can do with little! Your sound is indeed very beautiful! thanks

10 : king Unique is the best tutor from Sonic Academy because he is a real synthesis guru; Right now I’m learning to synthesize with unique king and A.N.A ; (this TechTips save me from buying a shimmer reverb)

Could you do a techtips on how to present your music well and what software to use to make a tutorial of my music like you but just to present it. Thank You Sonic Academy

Hey there @fabriceoze

Damn, that’s some feedback… LOL :slight_smile: and with a sense of humor too, which is cool :sunglasses:

I haven’t watch the tutorial yet myself, so I can’t comment or pick my favorite tip at the moment.

As for recording your DAW in order to present your music, I think the free OBS screen recording software and uploading to YouTube might be a good place to start. There’s plenty of resources ( especially now because of the Covid-19 Quarantine ) on the web about either streaming or just setting up OBS to record your DAW.

That said, +1 for a tutorial on this specific topic, it could be something interesting to see in a future tutorial.
FYI → @phil_johnston

Yeah my tip regarding the vocoder you can do with any vocoder… Ableton also has a similar extract midi functionality I think. I’m not that familiar with it so I’m not sure how accurate it is. If you’ve got ovox, thats great, its a fantastic plugin.

My setup I use for Sonic Academy stuff I do is OBS for Screengrabs, A USB condesner mic for audio (I got the USB so I wouldn’t have to go through my audio interface which Cubase is using), camera is a Canon M-50 with a 15mm - 45mm f3.5 lens, although I’m wanting to pick up a Sigma 16mm f1.4 soon as these lock downs are over… editing is all in Davinci Resolve. I’ve got a Radeon RX580 card for this. Additionally for live streams I connect my camera setup with SparkoCam to stream the DSLR directly to OBS.

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Thanks for the info on your setup Nate :wink:

You should have a chat with Chris & Phil about a course on this, it’s an all topic on it’s own and could be very interesting IMO.

Cheers & stay safe :wink:



Great tips Phil! I remember your first tips and now you’ve made me feel old! lol

Thanks for all the tips! @Bluffmunkey I heard that the softube console 1 can only be used with UAD plugins… If so, do you know something similar that I can use with things like Valhalla?


The Console 1 hardware is actually primarily designed to be used with Softube plugins, but now with some UAD compatibility too (I don’t own any UAD hardware or software).

There’s nothing specific designed for Valhalla that I’m aware of, but you should be able to map most midi controllers to Valhalla plugins. The procedure for this will vary from DAW to DAW and between controllers too. Some of the Novation and Nektar controllers have a form of automap for example, although I’m not a massive fan of that. 3rd party plugins tend to show up on Push as well if you’re using Live.


Hello Mr Shadow, I managed to find a shop which offers a try of all infected Mushroom plugins. It’s great because I can copy the same sound as you can with a vocoder.
Your new album “Arcadia” is truly incredible.
Thank you Mr Shadow Chronoprtoculture

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Really great!

Hahahah funny

Welcome to the forums ! :sunglasses: