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Tech Tips Volume 51 with Jaytech

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Jaytech’s back with us again this week for Tech Tips Volume 51!

Over these 10 tutorials, he shares some pro advice, tricks and tips to take producers of all abilities further along the path to greatness.
Jaytech delves into some overlooked but fundamental concepts of how a track is listened to by an audience and how to achieve a sound that makes you want to listen to a track over and over again.

Making your tracks shine along with overcoming creative blocks and slick project management - these set of Tech Tips have everything you need to level up!

Go check it out!

Honestly, listening to a “rough mix” of a future release from Jaytech makes me feel a lot better about my music creation process. It’s rockin’, but just needs that extra clean up and fine tune to sound its best.
Thank you! That was super encouraging!
(“make the leads less cheesy” - thought it was just me that had that on my check list :sweat_smile:)


This is a brilliant and inspiring collection of tutorials - packed with insights and ideas. So much more than just ‘quick tips’. The primary focus is on mixing and raising your tracks to the next level. He starts with some really interesting ways of conceptualising the process of selecting sounds, processing and placing them in the mix. There is also a great section on breaking out of the 4 bar loop of death scenario by ‘shopping for sounds’ in advance and sketching out the whole arrangement in rough. It would be great if Jaytech could return at greater length, to the subject of optimising a track for different playback systems - perhaps something for another series of Tech Tips?

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I just finished this series and I believe that this is a solid roadmap to making a professional sounding record. There is definitely a difference between a “track” and a “record”. A track is 90-95% finished. A record is 99% percent finished and has the world class professional sound. Awesome Job Jimbo! Cheers, Rob, “Some College”

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This may be a bit off topic but it kind of relates to the last video. What would be an optimal pc or what specs will run everything smoothly with no artifacts. Looking to get a new computer soon.

Hi there @SIXFOOT9

Yep it’s a bit out of topic, suggest you ask this on S.A FB Discussion Group. If you haven’t joined yet you’ll find the group here ( make sure to answer the 2 questions about DAW & Fav Music so that an admin can grant you access ) : Sonic Academy - Music Production Discussion | Facebook

You could also create a new topic in the Music Tech Discussion category on the forums, that kind of question needs to have it’s own topic IMO, it will be easier to exchange on this.

thanks you, some good learning and it put a lot of things in perspective