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Tech Tips Volume 60 with Bluffmunkey

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If you’re looking to get into creating a classic Trance track and not sure what elements are required then look no further as Tech Tips Volume 60 ‘Trance Essentials’ is here and Bluffmunkey’s going to show you everything you need to know!

Over these 10 videos, he lays down the basis to create a complete Trance track, starting with how it all came about before giving some pro advice and tips on everything from the Kick and Sub, layered Mid Basses, Percussion, Leads, FX and Atmospheres.

It’s all about the ‘Journey, Atmosphere and Emotion’ with Trance and these Tech Tips will shine a light on how to get that experience for your listeners.

Check it out!

Great tutorial!!! A true talent and keep inspiring the world over!!! Big Ups Sonic Academy!!!

Awesome tutorial! I’d like to see a Tech Tips: House Essentials focused on 90s to early 2000s House but most of all how about a Tech Tips Essentials for pure 90s Goa. (at least before progpsy ruined everything)

I like the look of Tantra and will probably pick it up. I’ve been looking for something like that for awhile now.

Great history - much thanks for the course too

Enjoyed this, great stuff!

Love the old Trance style -being of an age where I heard all of the journey its disappointing that not just with Trance but all Dance Music there isn’t many chances being taken by producers . I also believe Armin has kept the flame alive but also done harm to the genre but that just my PoV . Good Video and Less Should be more in terms of track counts for tracks

nice tutor and history in it about dance music

Wow, amazingly insightful. Thank you! I have taken copious notes, sadly the series ended : ( Great stuff (for my level at least)) o7

Great little series Bluffmonkey. picked up alot of mixing tips along the way, which I’ll definitely be implementing into my current/future tunes.

Great Insides here from Bluffey, thanks alot! Keep Trance alive! :slight_smile:

Lots of great tips here, thank you Geoff!

Nice one! I learned a lot …

This is great series and a superb tutor

Excellent. Loads of tips. Thank you!

As always with Bluffmunkey, a great overview with lots of details about the “whys”.

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Bluffmunkey is great at getting his point across thank you so much mate.

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So much finally clicked for me watching this. Nothing’s better than knowing the whys behind the hows and this tutorial chock full of both!

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Great, that I found this!

Big Shouts from Germany.

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Welcome aboard on the forums & thanks for your comment ! :sunglasses: