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Tech Tips Volume 61 with Kirk Degiorgio

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Following on from our popular, Synthwave, House and Trance ‘Essentials’ series, there was only ever one person to go to when it came to looking at the beginnings of Techno - the man himself Kirk Degiorgio.

In this set of videos, we start with a detailed look at the tracks and producers that emerged from the Detroit scene back in the late '80s that helped forge the sound of Techno as we know it today along with the different hardware used.

Kirk then sets about showing us how we can recreate that Detroit sound using today’s accessible software from synths, patterns, samplers and drum machines.

A passionate insight into the origins of Techno from one of the UK’s best.

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I knew I was correct about the history. So many always jump on it when I say Detroit. It’s better told by the people who were there and lived it as I was.

Very informative

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Very useful, thank you.

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Loved the history lesson, thank you!

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All the genres should be treated like this, this is what I payed for. I can figure out signal chaining and experiment all day but quality perspective can be hard to develop without a helping hand.

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thanks kirk, try sahara for kontakt for the mirage