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Tech Tips Volume 68 with Protoculture

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Following our recent Black Friday event, we’re guessing quite a few of you picked up our awesome plugins ANA 2 and Kick 2!

Hopefully, you’re having a blast with them, but here to help you have even more fun, Protoculture’s back with a set of tech tips showcasing some epic tips, tricks, and hacks to get even more sounds out of your software!

From unique playable bass patches in Kick 2 to granular effects, resampled pads, and randomised arps in ANA 2 - these set of tips open the door to a ton of new sound design techniques. There’s even a tuned playable theremin patch to create!

Go check it out!

This was great, thanks Nate! Would love more sound design videos using ANA 2 :slight_smile:

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Thank you Protoculture & Sonic Academy

Nice made course. Explained step-by-step and so easy to follow.
Looking forward to the next courses !

Well explained, thanks.