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Bluffmunkey is back with us again this week and taking us through some of the features in Ableton Live that keep him from straying away from this DAW.

If you’re thinking of making the switch, this is a must-watch, as he runs through some of the stand-out stock plugins, racks and user interface features that give you the workflow ability to create what you want quickly.

As with all new DAWs, there’s always a learning curve to take on, but here Bluffmunkey outlines a solid argument why Ableton Live might just be worth it!

Check it out!

Hi Bluffmonkey - helpful tutorial - thanks. Which preset pack contains that Bodzy 2 ARP?

That’s a preset form the ANA 2 Presets Vol. 9 - Techno pack, also answered your other post here

I have been on the fence for years as I’m a long time Logic User . However excellent content here . Thank you

All I would say is download the trial and really dedicate some time to learning the UI.

Live is a different workflow and it took me a while to ‘get’ it. If you dedicated a solid week or two to exploring it, you’ll figure out if it’s for you or not.

Hi - thanks for the reply . Ok 2 weeks in and a bit of a steeper learning curve that at first thought . However , I’m sold and I have completely immersed myself in it . The Drum Rack sells it alone for me ! . A few minor gripes with the mixer and the Return Tracks but as I say minor .
Lee aka El Retsof !!

You can reverse the polarity of the lfo by switching the values. Higher for the first value lower for the second value.

Great stuff, thanks so much! Recently switched from Logic Pro to Ableton 11 and there is one thing I can’t figure out yet: When using a drum rack, how do you send an individual sound (say a snare) to the send channel (say Reverb) on your mixer? Anyone knows?

Hi there Yannis,

To my knowledge, the Drum Rack channel main sent(s) to Return Tracks is only apllicable to the entire Drum Rack, to setup Sent & Return on Drum Rack cells you need to drop an Effect on the Drum Rack cell, expand the IO and Sent/Return, Click on Return and Drag & Drop your Effect on the return Chain slot.

Check the following Ableton video, it’s an older version of Live but should still be the same :

If someone knows another way in Live 11, feel free to drop a line :wink:

Hi Tekalight,

Thank so much! This is helpful indeed (although not ideal if you want to send say a snare to the main reverb send). I suppose that’s why I see a lot of people (including tutors here) opting for inserting separate drum racks for the kick, the snare, the hats etc.

You can assign the return in drum racks to be the main returns instead of dropping in separate fx… just click the drop down and select your return channel.