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Tech Tips Volume 75 with Ekoboy

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This week we proudly welcome back Vangelis Kostoxenakis AKA Ekoboy with a set of quick Tech Tips to help speed up your workflow in Logic Pro!

Showcasing some hidden gems that some of you may not be aware of, we’ll help you set up an external synth with its own personalised icon, give you multiple screens to work from, and bring in beat-synced wav files plus loads more!

As with all our Tech Tips series, if you can speed up workflow, you have more time to stay in that fun, creative flow!

Check it out!

Which key is “alt” on the Mac? I only see Command ⌘, Option ⌥, and Control ^

On a Mac “ALT” is the “Option ⌥” key.

This is great, but it doesn’t transpose the key to that of the track or give the option to set the key as an apple loop would. Any work arounds?

Great stuff. So Helpful

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