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Tech Tips Volume 78 with King Unique

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This week we welcome back King Unique for an in-depth look at using Ableton Live for one of the reasons it was designed for hence the name, and that’s using it in a ‘live’ situation.

Thanks to social media, performing live is becoming an increasingly popular way to engage with fans even if you’re not on the road. Matt goes through everything you need to know when linking Ableton to your hardware so you can use it as an instrument rather than just a production tool.

Here we look at navigating the Session View and how we can make the DAW do a lot of the the heavy lifting to add variation and interest to our clips and loops. Not just useful for playing live, using this method can also be a brilliant way to arrange your tracks when creating tunes.

If you use Ableton and are thinking of playing live, or even if you only work in the Arrangement View, this is a must-watch, as you maybe missing out on a ton of useful tips, tricks and techniques!


THE one I was waiting for a long time ! Can’t wait to learn some advanced techniques (part2 would be :fire:)

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