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Tech Tips Volume 80 with Bluffmunkey

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In these new set of Tech Tips, Bluffmunkey takes an in-depth look into synthesis to understand the different characteristics of what we hear so we know what to look for when designing our own presets.

From classic analog oscillators and how different filters sound through to different ways of using modulation envelopes, this course can really help you find the right sound.

Although pre-made presets are great, today’s synths have so much sound design potential, and if you’re starting to make your own sounds then these sets of videos are a must.

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No way :smile: I was just looking for tutorials like this on YouTube yesterday and nobody really made great tutorials about it ! You’re killing it guys, love your courses more and more !!

Thanks Bluffmunkey! I watched now a couple of your courses and they’re always well structured, organized and informative. Keep up the great work :tada:

Nice Tutorial Course whose interested in Sound Design.

Excellent as ever

Thank you!

Excellent Work

Nice tutorial!

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Thanks for your comment and welcome to the forums ! :sunglasses:

Love the pragmatic advice that Bluffmunkey gives.
This is a great intro to modulation and ‘hearing’ a sound.

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