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Tech Tips Volume 83 with Protoculture

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Protoculture’s back with a new set of Tech Tips today where he’s building some awesome rack plugins in Bitwig Studio that will speed up your workflow, and once you’ve spent the short time building them, you can save them out and drop them onto any channel.

These techniques can be applied to any DAW that can group and contain different plugins and then apply macros. They can also be manipulated in various ways to suit your needs, or inspire you to create different effects using similar methods.

From bass enhancers, EQs, toploop processors, and multi-band compressors to glitch effects, vocal processing and MIDI gates, these set of Tech Tips really showcase how you can make your DAW work for you.

Go check it out, get creative, and build your own awesome plugins!

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I like the Tutorial 824, 828 and 833 . Thanks for the help !

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Really useful stuff!

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Great stuff and, as a Bitwig user, things I can use straight away

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Great tut!

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Thanks! Some good ideas and I learned more about using Bitwig

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Thanks for your comment and welcome to the forums ! :wink:

Low-pass filter can be automated with the Math modulator’s SUB primitive, thereby setting A to 100% and modulating B up to 100% with the low-pass macro. Then the Math modulator can be mapped to the on/off switch identically to the high-pass macro.

Great stuff. Does anyone know of a good alternative to Polynom (referenced in Tutorial 825) in Ableton Live? I’ve noticed there are some Max for Live workarounds, but it would be great if it could be achieved using stock plugins.

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Welcome to the forums and thanks for your comment ! :sunglasses:

Don’t know about a similar stock effect plugin for Live, even in the latest Beta. Bitwig really shines when it comes to modulation and effects, so hard to beat unless you use multiple Live stock plugins or Max for Live devices like you mentioned IMO.

Hi Nate.
I didn’t get the colors shown as in your video below the controls? Can I change it somewhere in the setting, or has Bitwig changed it recently?

Bitwig Settings → User Interface → Contrast

I think it is the only option to change colors.

Hi. Thanks for the answer. I meant not the colors in general, but the color-stripes I can see in Nate’s Bitwig below the controls. In my Bitwig, I see only this small color-dots on “above” the control, which is just too small to instantly grap which color belong to which control. With the stripes as seen in Nate’s Bitwig, it’s much more obvious for the user. Any other ideas?

Sorry, not sure what exactly you’re refering to :thinking:

Could you maybe upload a screenshot and highlight what exactly you’re after on Bitwig interface ?

Cheers :sunglasses:

Sorry for my not so clear explanations. I also was directly thinking about uploading a screenshot here, but unfortunately this feature is not available here. Maybe you could add it in the future?

Please find below a link to a screenshot in my private dropbox account:

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Hmm, not sure why you were not able to upload a picture on the forums.

There’s a “Trust Level” algorithm giving less or more privilege depending of your use of the forums and you’re on level 2 “Member” which should allow you to upload pictures. Maybe the file itself or it’s size, but not sure :confused:

OK, got your screenshot from the link, I will try to have a look at this in Bitwig :+1:

Maybe @Protoculture can confirm, but seems to me that those color stripes beneath the soft controls knobs are linked to Hardware Controller mapping.

If you check the online Bitwig User Guide at page 334 :

Thanks a lot for this answer. I’m using a novation LaunchControlXL, but it seems that this HW is not supporting this feature then.

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