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Think Before You Sweep

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We’re all looking to get rid of unwanted frequencies in our mixes - terms like ‘removing the mud’ or ‘too boxy sounding’ are mentioned as we’re aiming to make our tracks sound as crisp and clear as possible.

However, the common method of finding these frequencies by sweeping through your EQ may actually be causing more harm than good and Protoculture’s here to explain exactly why.

Will this change the way you use EQ?

Thank You . 160 Hz is not expensive , Soothe and Shade is very interesting but i have Pro Q3, bx_digital V3, bx_2098 EQ, Omnichanel Strip EQ and my stock EQ with Ableton and Cubase . All My EQ said " Hay Fabrice you are not a sound engineer so 160 is Good . And if the Sound is Good the Sound is good citation by Andrew Scheps . May be a day i can have the Soothe 2 ;-)) . Yes ! I’m ok for the 160 Hz . PFIZER for me today ! YeS !

I only use this method on my kick drums if they need it ! thats is

This is a great video. These types of radical EQs are useful in Dubstep or DnB where you’re experimenting with ramming bass sounds into saturators but in this case you’re not trying to fix a sound, you’re trying to find one. There’s also generally less harmony in these genres, or at least the harmony is more static so you MIGHT be able get away with doing this.

Another super useful video here Nate. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Just to mention that there is another and far cheaper option to Soothe 2, Smooth Operator from Baby Audio which is currently $39

Amazing video!

awesome vid! Very informative and help know when to use this tool and when not to.