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Three Ancient Plugins

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This week we welcome back Bluffmunkey, and he’s selected three plugins that have been around for a while but are still ahead of their game.

These three inexpensive plugins are still able to give your tracks that lift in sound quality that we’re all after and are ultimately the very reason we spend our hard-earned money on such things!

Here Bluffmunkey demonstrates why he’s chosen them and why they’re still relevant today.

What do you think? Do you have any other older plugins that can still do a task better than anything new? If so, share away in the comments!

Well demonstrated & handy to know/have. Thx!!

Concerning Inflator: Sry Bro, it is old piece of stuff and still expensive in price. Please see further infos to achieve same maybe even better. I found a good thread here concerning topic:

Taken from the forum:

The Inflator is a waveshaper so can be replaced pretty easily with many free plugins. I made a preset for the free cableguys wavesgaper CM that when attempting to null with the Inflator left residue nearly 64 db down. Could have got a complete null if the graphic interface on it allowed finer resolution for making adjustments to the curve

Process is just a dry wet, curve changes the parabolic curve. No magic whatsoever!

I bought into ilok purely for the Inflator and now feel a bit of a fool! It’s a low cpu and sonically neutral effect in terms of frequency balance so it does work on a wide range of material though, I still use it all the time. If I knew what I know now when I bought it though i would use a free plug in in it’s place.

You can use melda or cableguys or cyanide 2 to achieve near identical results (maybe even better due to the option of oversampling).



any chance of a video on how you created the Reece bass ?

In other news, he didn’t get it to null because ‘resolution’.

In other, other news, everybody in Gearspace is an expert, but none of them agree on anything. I’m not sure how that works.

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love the tutorial

super dope really love the echo boy! a must have!