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Top 5 Hidden Gems in Ableton

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In this quick video, Haterade checks out some cool sounds and presets that may have passed you by in Ableton 11 Live Suite.

From dark atmospheres to sound-transforming reverb, chorus and multiband dynamics, there’s a ton of pre-made racks and effects in Ableton that could really lift your game but are rarely used.

Do you have any secret hidden gems you’ve discovered that are now a go-to must in your workflow?

Share them in the comments if you do!

not in to these short little snippets of info by Haterade. They just don’t seem like worthy paid or unpaid content or have enough value to them.

I disagree with LionBird. I am very much enjoying this and they tips are actually really great!

I do not see Audio Effects Rack in my Ableton (11.0.12 version)

Found Audio Effects Rack it’s under Utilities of Audio Effects

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