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Top 5 Tips For Creating Organic Drums

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When creating beats in your DAW do you sometimes feel the groove just isn’t quite there?

Well, in this short video Protoculture shares some top tips on how to make your percussion sound more natural. Using tools found in any DAW such as micro delays, randomisation and loop slicing, Nate runs through some simple methods to help make your beats less ‘machine like’ and get a unique groove.

Check it out!

These are so informative and very much appreciated.

Hey Nate,

great stuff again. As always very straight forward and absolutely helpful. Thank you so much on sharing your knowledge with us.

Keep it up and take care.



Where does the sound of the pad come from ?
I love it


Hi there @Deep2House

Not exactly a pad sound going on here, it’s a bass & stabs sounds which are used for adding melodic content to the demo track for the tutorial. Can’t tell if @Protoculture used presets or not but those sounds are all coming from Sonic Academy ANA 2 Software Synth Plug-in :smile:

Thx for the answer, I just have to buy ANA 2 :wink:

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All presets from ANA 2… can’t remember if its the factory presets or one of the expansions though.