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Top 5 Tips for Levelling Up Your FX

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When you think of send/return effects do you think of delay or reverb, setting it to 100% wet, and then dialling in the required amount? Well, think again because Protoculture’s here to give you 5 top tips on how you can use send/return effects in some all-new creative ways.

From creating your own shimmer verb, having detailed control on your parallel compression, glitching up your reverbs and more, these pro tips will level up your effect chains and open a whole load of new doors for your tracks!

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EXCELLENT TOP 5 tips again. Thanks Nate !

Thank you for the tech tips with Fault in the shimmer reverb ! Commet is a beautiful reverb .


4 stars for the tutorial, plus 1 star for the Tie Fighter! :slight_smile:

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Nate, I just wish… you had more plugins to choose from… sigh LOL. Plugin envy. Nate, nice intro to the new Softube Emperor Mikes (Back? hence the Tie Fighter - gotcha!! LOL) offering… no time wasted, I see!


Nice tips again :wink:

OMG, what plug-ins DON’T you have ?? LOL :smile:

Talking about plug-ins & compressor and input filtering options, have you take a look to the brand new 1178 from Pulsar Audio yet ? I wish all developers would implement such features in their plug-ins.

Out of topic : what are you thoughts about this new Sennheiser HD650 ? You had the HD 600 before, right ? I’ve always been using closed back headphones, is the change drastic when switching to open-back design according to you ? Been reading very good comments on the HD 600 & now 650 but always been afraid to find it too much “stereo & musical”. And what about the build quality, that’s the only point people seem to leave bad comments on the HD 650, but everything is interchangeable anyway right ?

Any input/feedback welcome :wink:

Cheers !

Great stuff, thanks Nate!

Old school tie fighter… :wink:

I haven’t checked out the Pulsar Audio stuff no. I don’t go on the hunt for much analogue modeled fx much anymore… the ELI stuff I was lucky enough to get sent to me.Will try have a look though.

I’ve got HD650’s not 600’s… I love them. I’m not really a big headphones guy but they’ve always served me really well.

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Lol. I’m in a fortunate position to get a lot sent to me to check out… I have a lot installed but I’ve actually cut my actual plugin palette down considerably lately.

Thanks, that piano sound was incredible, can I ask what piano it was as the base sound, looks like one of the halion 6 pianos ?

Very interesting uses of sends :+1:

Thanks for the tips. I didn’t realize but I was already doing something similar but duplicating the original channel and bumping the effect on it to create a parallel effect. It’s much easier with sends, of course (although, in Ableton, it’s a pain, because you can’t automate the effects further and need to route to yet another audio channel). I think you also sold me on more plugins! Haha!

Raven Grand from Halion 6 I think.

Great tips