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Top 5 Ways To Create Riser FX In ANA 2

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If you thought ANA 2 was just an awesome bass, lead or pad creation tool then think again. It’s not only for designing synth sounds, what about epic FX from your synth?

Well, Protoculture’s with us once again with five tips on creating awesome risers solely inside ANA 2.

Super simple to create and save in your own personal pack to use in your tracks - take your build-ups to the next level and get those hands in the air!

Check it out!

How to make great risers, explained in detail. Really learned a lot from this.

Awesome as ever

Thanks, very useful!!!


Question - why did you need to assign a macro to “Pitch Coarse All” – is that parameter not available for automation by itself?

Dope and informative tutorial!

It would be if you manually added an automation lane in CUbase, then searched through the available parameters… I simply find it easier to assign the macro, hit write, then record and it’ll get added automatically on the arrange page.

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Thank you @protoculture!

Amazing tips as always in a super easy to understand way. Appreciate your work!

Snare rolls in ANA looks killer! Gonna try that immediately!

That was a lot of useful info packed into 18 minutes and really well explained. Thank you!


Excellent tutorial, thank you!