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Top and Bottom Arrangement

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This week we’re joined by Techno and Deep House producer Alice Yalcin Efe - aka Biskuwi to check out her methods to help when arranging your track.

Starting with a loop that is effectively the chorus, and using all the different elements in your track, we then break this down into it’s different parts to place in different areas of the arrangement.
We then take this further by adding variations to help build breakdowns in the track so it doesn’t become too repetitive.

Once mastered you’ll be getting the basics of your arrangement down in minutes rather than hours!

Check it out!

Love Alice. Really hoping that is a full melodic techno tutorial in the pipeline!

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How nice - yes, Alice for a full course would be lovely :slight_smile:

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Oh Yeah !

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Alice! You are brilliant. I hope you will become a regular here at Sonic Academy and include some content that explains some of your amazing techniques to me like I am a fourth-grader because I had trouble keeping up and would give anything to make a track this.

I get the feeling you were smarter than most of your teachers growing up. Lol! If you could turn this video into a two-hour SA course on how to make a melodic techno track I’m willing to bet you it would be the most popular tutorial of the year and you would get 10-million subscribers.

Please take everything I said as a huge compliment. You are the best! PeriodT!

Very nice explanation, it is good to see you here at my favourite Academy Alice, love your channel.
Hope to see more here as a tutor. A full course please!!!

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So where is the full course? Hope the head honchos at SA are listening? :slight_smile:

Interesting. Even looks pretty easy but really useful. I suppose we miss some easy steps on pursuing something unique. But as usual the rule “less - is more” works better.

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Thanks for your comment and welcome on the forums ! :sunglasses: