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Aimed at beginners, Haterade’s back with a quick video looking at the importance of transitions to help build tension and guide the listener to where the track is heading.

If you’ve got to the stage where you’ve arranged your different sections, for example, verse, breakdown, and drop, don’t underestimate the power of transitions to give the track excitement and flow.

Check it out!

Great, thanks Noah! What about letting instruments with a big reverb or delay ring out in that gap between the build up and the new part? A fat synth lead or bass can do the trick there. Kind of the anti-build up. Little bits of silence can be powerful tools. Suppose the genre determines the transition type also.

Thanks, very interesting and clear. Looking forward to your next tips.

Nice, thanks

i love sweeps!!!


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Very simple, yet amazingly effective. Thumbs up :slight_smile:

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