TechHouse - Strange Feeling

I got a new track finished. Personally I think that this track sounds a little bit “heavy” and lacks some groove. Unfortunately I can’t really tell why. So I’m hoping for some feedback :)br
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I don’t think it lacks “weight”, but it does lack groove. It’s boring IMO, didn’t really catch my attention or anything.

If you make a bass heavy track, the pattern or melody you play with the bass is crucial. A bit of variation wouldn’t hurt. Nor would layering it with a bass synth with a bit more bite.

Yes definately lacks groove!br
What swing have you used on what?

Thanks for the feedback so far, I made some really subtle changes (barely audible, but I think it has some effect). Namely a little bit of swing and LFO modulation on the bassline and some more swing on the percussion elements

i think you need to try and create a bit more ‘space’ in the track though, to get more groove. Some things are a little too busy. Remember that you need some ‘silence’ in a groove to create the right
Also try and play elements against each other a bit more - i noticed that sometimes the same sounds plays for a few hits in a row - try and create a bit more interplay between different elements by filling some gaps in one sound with another sound.