Techno Rebuild

@Tekalight I’d really appreciate it if you could have another listen. I rebuilt the kick/ bass sections rather than adjust what was there. Of course that might mean I’ve made it worse!
Thanks again for your feedback
Rick (drrkbeats)

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Hi there.

From memory it sounds better to me. Much more clarity in the low end now and the bass line and kick works better together.

If you tame a bit the leads synths in the mid range area ( around 400 - 800 Hz ) or set it’s level a bit lower you’ll get back some low end as well.

Arrangement is nice too, can’t remember if you’ve changed the structure or not, but this one works.

But yeap, to my ears and from memory, it’s a good improvement, you didn’t make it worse !! :sunglasses:

Keep it up ! :+1:

Hope this helps !

Cheers :wink:

That’s really helpful, many thanks. It’s the same arrangement but I’d tken some fx out, added others, and rebuilt the bass. I’m going to make an adjustment on the lead and then declare that i’s finished!
Cheers again

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