Techno Takeover - Enrolment Now OPEN!

It’s Takeover time again at Sonic Academy! This time we are bringing you a Techno Takeover

We have grabbed some time with legendary producers like Wehbba, Jay Lumen, Cosmic Boys, Marie Vaunt and Mac Vaughn to deep dive into all things techno, their studio process and some invaluable tips and tricks from those at the top of the game!

This month we have a Techno Masterclass, Techno essential sound design, Interviews with A list Techno producers, FREE ANA 2.5 presets, a Remix competition, with a £500 prize and the legendary Sonic Academy Live SHOW! Phew…

So enrol now and get involved Techno Takeover Event 2023


Hey Everyone - A reminder for those thinking of entering the remix competition Chris and Phil will be doing a LIVE SHOW next Tuesday 14th March at 7 PM GMT

Already some really great mixes in, so if you want your track to be included, then use the upload link below.

Submit mixes in any state, it doesn’t really matter, it’s about tips, tricks, and getting help to finish your tracks to be in with a chance of winning that £500!

Upload HERE

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Set your timer and watches !!! :timer_clock: :stopwatch:

Live Show taking place this evening 7:00 pm GMT on YouTube !! :clock7:

See you there ! :wink:

file uploads are not working for me. Tried a few browsers.

Hi there @billcarroll

  • What file format are you trying to upload ? → I believe it can only be MP3 for the demos.

  • Also, it’s now too late to submit demos for review since the Live show already took place.

  • Entries for the Remix Competition ( finished track you’d like to submit ) can be uploaded on the Remix Contest page here : Remix Contest

This was last night, and I was uploading an mp3. Maybe I had the times confused? Was the live stream yesterday? Anyway, I tried quite a few times. It appears to upload and then I’m left with a message that it did, but nothing is there and I can’t submit anything.

Yes the Live Stream took place yesterday evening.

Can’t check if your track was correctly uploaded despite the error message you received at my end, sorry.

Also, not all submissions were reviewed during the Live Stream.

You can watch the Stream Playback on YouTube.

appreciate the help :slight_smile:

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