Techno track feedback & suggestions


I would be very thankful if someone could listen to my track and help me improving it. This is my first track, so it is really important for me to create something without flaws. The track isn’t perfect yet (mixing might be inaccurate, some drums don’t play well etc.) Would you play this track in a techno party? Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

!! Please download the file first, the quality on the website is worse.

hey, can you upload the song on soundcloud. the page looks a bit too dodgy that i’d want to download files from there. have the impression that when encoding a song to 128kbps yourself instead of letting soundcloud do it for you, it’s acceptable quality.

from the preview and remembering back when i was still visiting techno clubs, it definitely would have fit in. the first two minutes are really nice. sounds like dancing, stroboscope and occasional shouts from the croud. also the break moves nicely. i don’t like so much then everything after that, starting 3:40. it fits but it’s also bit bland and underwhelming. after everything that happened before i’d have expected something more ecstatic and memorable. sounds more like the last two minutes of a 7 or 9 minutes techno song and not like the climax. it’s building up to something but that something doesn’t happen.

Thanks for your feedback! As I remember I heard some tracks that had similar energy in the main part of the track. Maybe adding or redesigning something there would help. Anyway it’s good to hear an opinion from another member of the forum. I will take it into account. If there is anyone else who could give me more feedback I would be grateful. Still working on the track.