Techno Track want's Feedback

Hi. I made a song where i think it could go under the label Techno,
What do you think about it ?

Thank you.

Hey there @SA_GEM

It might be a personal taste, but I found the kick not sitting well in the track. You have very great sounds in there with a “S.Bozdin” like melodic techno sound and I found the kick a bit decreasing the overall listening experience. First of all I found it too “festival techno” kick stylish for this track, a bit too loud and with a lot of saturation. A shorter kick, more “minimal techno” style would suits better in the track IMHO. Not sure if this track needed the classic anthem techno “rumble” feel if you know what I mean.

For the rest nice track and nice progression, good work :slight_smile:

Cheers !

Thank you for listening. Yes the kick sounds a bit misplaced. I tried to mix together the “knocking” techno kick with some melodic vibe. I watched some course here for leveling kick & bass (Protoculture) and think that i get it better next time. The kick was made with Kick 2.
Working title for this was indeed “Rumble Techno”. So summed up i tried some different techno “styles” and mixed them up.

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Yep this course from Protoculture is excellent :slight_smile: but for sure, it’s one that you have to come back & re-watch taking the time to grab all the advanced techniques to get there. Well you know what they say… Rome wasn’t built in a day… It takes some time to get your mixes sound good, but the learning experience along the journey is always valuable :wink:

Don’t worry, we all struggle to get that “perfect” track and as mentioned before, you’ve got very nice elements in this one.

Cheers !

i’d prefer the song to be cheesier in its melody. with those synths, a bit more paul kalkbrenner, bpitch control, berlin hipster-techhouse.