Techno - Umek Style

I start really minimalistic in the last Drop. It should be the special thing in the arrangement but I don’t know if it works. Leave me a comment if there is something missing or to improve. I am glad for everyones help!

And I know it’s not totally Umek in the view of sounds and quality over all :slight_smile:

PS: When you have a more creative name, please tell me :wink:

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Me like it a lot. Lots of energy and pleasent “crunchiness”, made for dancing. I would prefer more clarity on some elements, e.g. the voice and at 00:50 that darker instrument could be more visible or occupying more space.

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Yes, the elements get lost in the mass. I am already working on that issue. But I am especially curious about the last drop. I think I’ve lost the main idea here. Don’t know if I should leave or try to change it…

I like the track as well but ( that’s a personal taste choice I believe ) I won’t be using such a Hard Techno kick in such track. I think the track has got many melodic elements that create a kind of controversial listening experience with this very hard kick. Again, this is purely personal taste & liking I guess, but have you heard some Hannes Bieger tracks ?? There’s some nice elements in your track that could fit the genre and that’s where the kick is not working for me, if you have a listen to some of his tracks you probably get what I mean :wink:

For the 2nd drop, it works fine at the start but from 4:30 you could bring less elements ( you could use the part from 2:00 ) to smooth the transition toward the end of the track, you didn’t lost the main idea in that drop but it’s too long & busy with full elements and makes the end less cohesive with the all mix IMO.

Nice work overall :wink:

Cheers !

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Thank you first as everytime for your feedback!

Didn’t know Bieger but listened to his tracks now. Well, maybe there are some similarities but I doubt that’s the sound I want to achieve. Maybe someday :wink:

Alright, I will give the 2. Drop some more small improvements,also mixingwise :slight_smile:

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