hi everyone,br
ok so im delving into making some techno and i was wondering if my kick is in g and i want to have a sub bass with the 2 note pattern 1 beat long each note it always sounds weird to me if the kick is G and its playing at same time as the bass should the bass also be G is there a rule of thumb? or is it one of those if it sounds good… type of things?br

You should try to get the sub in the same key as the key. Sure. For good harmonics that’s
Another thing to try is EQ-ing and
Sidechain the sub with the kick. Besides that you should look up subtractive EQ :wink:

i was sjidechaining and eqing but everything was in D1 so i think it was just too deep , sounded slow and lazy

Listening to a lot of Techno you’ll usually hear that the kick is around the 5th or 7th in the key of the
So for instance if you track is in A minor (Popular) the kick will usually be E or Gbr
but its Techno so there is not rule’s, play around and find what sounds Techno. br
One of the main reasons something doesn’t sound Techno is because people start trying to write it in 4-8-16 bar loops, when really you want it to be 1 or even half bar loops for most the drums and
Hope that helps :slight_smile: