Techtip/HowTo Mixdown


i think it would be nice to have a bigger tutorial

how to make a proper mixdown. What to start with, and some tips

to get the nice flow.

would be interesting, what do you think?


i cant master worth a shxt

[quote]tommyt (12/7/2009)[hr]i cant master worth a shxt[/quote]

Mixdowns and Mastering are completely different. Everyone should learn to mix down. All it is is sound and feel and where things should be in the mix.

yes thats because a tutorial would be nice!:cool:

I dont think it could really be taught. Its all about space. The best thing honestly to do, is listen to your favorite track. Drag it into Ableton. Loop it on 16 bars and listen to where the different sounds sit in the mix. Listen to it over and over (each set of bars) because you will miss alot of sounds your first time around. Keep not of where the sounds sit. Are they very in your face? Do they sound far away? Are they to your left or right? Are they loud for only a second, then go away? This is how you mix down. The problem is that each song and genre is different. Actually, each song, even in the same genre will be mixed down differently. Its more of a feel thing honestly, and it takes practice. I really dont think it can be taught in one tutorial or even in one set of tutorials. There are plenty of articles out on the web for it though if you search around.

Yeah I gotta agree with Howie here, I’m not really sure how you could display mix downs. It’s all really about listening to each of your parts and making each part sit how you want it to sit.

It’s half common sense and half up to your own creativity. For example i’ve heard tracks from big producers where i’ve thought a part was too loud or too quiet, but it’s how the producer wanted that part so that’s what it’s all about, no one can really tell you what is right or wrong. After all, music is about expression, it’s a form of art.

Just make sure everything in your track is complimenting, and dont get into the trap of throwing too much into your work, remember sometimes less is more.

i think ill just go buy a book :slight_smile:

ok,! its not that have no idea in about that…

so what will be your tips ?

do you start by doing it channel per channel , starting with the


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Well, the most important part of a song is your kick. Everything should be in relation to that. Personally, I start with drums, then bass, then synths, then vocals, then FX.

It’s not quite what the OP was looking for, but I’ve found Guide to Mixing : Nick Thomas : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive a nice overview of what you should be thinking about when mixing. Full of good practical tips IMHO.



if you can learn to dj you can learn to mix down, its the same thing really getting two elements to sit together nicely but only this is like trying to get 10-20 elements to sit well with each other.

imo i don’t think you can teach someone to mixdown, i think you can show them how you do it and explain why you are doing it that way but other than that its just a case of learning to hear when something is clashing or not working for the mix.

to me also a good mix down can’t be achieved unless the arrangement is good so more tutorials on well thought out arrangement would be better served.

also learn to trust your self the more your confidence grows the better your mixes will become.

Computer Music has just released another ‘Special’. Called ‘Fix Your Mix’. Comes with 39 step by step techniques in making your track loud, spot effects, sitting a vocal, seperation techniques, processing tricks, super wide mixes and snap compresson.

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thanks very much!

If computer music can put in a mag then I think sa could do 1 tutorial. Just to give people an idea to get them started then the user can take it from there. There doesn’t have to be multiple tutorials just one with some tips and tricks

people I’ve taught how to mix didn’t know how to do it until they were shown, then they practise and develope their own style from there

I didn’t know that it was called a mix down. This is something that I just do automatically as I go along. I also find that in terms of mastering less is more, because its so easy to get carried away. Now I think very conservatively about recording. I used to have that mentality like “oh, we’ll just fix it later using this”.

I quit doing that. In fact I find that compression is also very dangerous and I don’t really like to use it much. Now that I know about this mix down thing, I’m going to really do some research, because in my experience you can control so much of the quality of sound just by having things placed well.

Mixdowns are something you should do at the end of your project. Its usually the last step before mastering.

Not always Howie, i’ve seen & read about a lot of various big name producers say that they mix along the way.

However personally i mix along the way whilst at the end i’ll still do another over all check.

jepp and this little tip can save you a lot of time!


[quote]cortiorgan (12/12/2009)[hr]jepp and this little tip can save you a lot of time!



This is gold mate thankyou! I used to find this problem all the time!!