TechTrance Breakdown

Hello Sonic academy team.

I am looking for some techtrance bass and kicks for a good break downs like “Armin Van Buuren -Broken Tonight(Alex MORPH Remix)”- [min 5:23], “Jason Kinetic & DJ CLK-Miles (Phunpark’s Mayhem Mix)”- [min 5:24], “Motion Blur - Chieftec (Jonas Hornblad Remix), Des Mcmahon Vs. 3Clipse - Someday”- [min 2:20] etc. i mean tracks with a great banging tech electrik break:D, can you help me recommending a good techtrance sample pack or make a tech tip that contains this sounds or a synth that can create them please because i have a many time searching and i do not obtained nothing:crying:.
Thanks in advance

Mate… hope you get an answer on your  request.

However… I saw your username & that you were posting a topic… and I was hoping that it was techno related, cos there is/was a legend called Lawrie Immerson who is the most underrated techo fella ever.

He released loads of really fkn cool 10" techno records. Great guy.

Apologies - Just got excited when I saw Pounding Grooves :cool:


any synth can create them, checkout sylenth1…check out for some kicks

Hello @P-Shot.

Can you be more specific what genre i should look for? in loopmasters because i think tech house can´t help me but is the only tech genere that i see, but tell me please if electro, bass, bassline, breakbeat, or what can help me in what i am looking. And for the sylenth1 today i download it, how i could use this, there are some preset o something for make the techbass like this video - in minute 0:30.

Thanks in Advance.