Techy prog track feedbak :)

Only Youu (Double Re-Ediit) by DeanKenny


hey kenny! :slight_smile:

either my ears don’t function in the early hours of the day or i’m still hungover but i think you should check into the harmonics of your riff and bass. especially everything before and including your second break :wink: in my ears it sounds quite off. but in my head i know, it would sound awesome if the chords were right :slight_smile:

(my guess is, it’s mostly the reverbs fault, at least in the second break. it brings 2 chords together that sound great on their own but not too good at the same time, just my 2 cents)

if you wanted that sound, i hope i didn’t offend you, wasn’t intended and i blame it all on alcohol and only 3 hours of sleep!

i really dig the idea of the track in general though and i quite like that reverse vocal sample matching the synth. thumbs up! :slight_smile:



yeah i get you, thanks for replyings… i think i have to fix all of what you said and i will repost it when its fixed! thanks

i like it, but something does jar a bit in the breakdown

yeah your both right, will be fixed :smiley: thanks for replying :smiley: