Techy progressive house. in need of Phil's feedback!

Feedback about how the tracks sounding when it comes to both sound and how the mix of the different elements sounds.

is anything too high or too low? bass how does it sound too phat or good?

thanks in advance

I think the Mix sounds Great… everything sounds well balanced on my speakers.

If it was my track i would be looking at that rolling bass and adding a few layers to give it some movement. Or some other faster elements to keep it moving.

There is a fast sort of melody towards the end but it sound s a bit thin… its not driving it along or adding groove… its sort of stuck in the middle.

Either make that melody massive but have it starting off really filtered or make it in to a bassyier groove element.

ok :slight_smile: critic is what i was looking for :slight_smile: thanks alot. i understand what you mean. i will look into that. :slight_smile: