Tell me how my first electro house song is polluting airwaves!

Hello all! Just sharing my first song i made, looking for tips and constructive critcism on how to make it better. Ive been producing for 3 months, so Ive still got a LOT to learn. I never knew how much work and effort gets put into EDM production until i actually gave it a shot! :smiley:


Really solid first track. Like the overall song structure. Has a nice “tense” feeling – would be great at the beginning of a night or a set.

Some overall notes:

  1. Doesn’t quite “bang” – something about the overall mix is lacking that kind of brute force an electro house track needs. It’s not bad – just not quite there. Basically needs to be louder and the individual elements a little bit brighter. (This is something I’m still struggling with, too).

  2. The snare on the breakdowns sounds very dry / thin. Needs to pop more, maybe some more reverb.

  3. You brought in another melodic element during the main driving section of the track, second half. Maybe bring this in one phrase sooner and then double-time it. It’s awesome. I wanted more.

    Keep it up. If this is what you’re doing after 3 months, you’re well on your way. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the very helpful feedback! I forgot to add reverb to the breakdown snare, and I changed the layout a bit. Appreciate the feedback!

You’ve done really well for a first track - sounds a hell of a lot better than my crappy efforts ever did! You’ve got a nice weighty kick that balances out the distorted main synth line nicely, and the melodic elements you introduce about 2m in work well.

I would suggest that you get to the different parts of the track a little sooner or work in more variation throughout in the form of transitions and breakdowns to add a bit more variety. Some sharper chopping through resampling and effect tweaking ala Sebastian or Krazy Baldhead would really make your basic line pump. With a little more work this could be a banger.

Really enjoyed it - thanks for sharing!

Agree with everyone else here, well done! Very nice track, your first attempt squashes my 1 year and 3 months attempts! Kinda depressed now :stuck_out_tongue:

About the melodic elements, I definately agree with the other two that it needed to come in sooner, especially that percy one.

I’m watching the glitch house tutorial right now, and you guys are right, some chopping glitching would definitely make it bang more! I think I should also rearrange the track so that all the electro elements bang more at the same time, it has a slow progressive arrangement, and that shouldn’t be the case for an electro tune! Your feedback has been very helpful guys! Thanks!

Also, even though its been 3 months, I’ve literally worked at it about 5-8 hours per day everyday. I’ve been pretty reclusive lately, pretty much a hermit working at this lol but I love every second of it :laugh:

In case anyone cares…heres the 2nd version after taking in all your feedback!

Oh yes!!! Sounds much better than the first attempt and that was pretty much spot on, so kudos for managing to do that! :w00t:

Love the weight of the kick and just the general use of all the space in the range, makes it sound very full even though there isnt really that much goin on at once…

Top notch! My only suggestion is to add more reverb at the end so that it tails off a bit rather than just ending as its a bit abrupt and if you want people to download it then it could cause problems as its not a very “DJ friendly” ending.

If that is your first track, I expect big things from your second a third tracks!