Temperamental Midi Keyboard with sylenth1

I purchased my Midi Keyboard on Saturday and got home plugged it in and all is working good, but for some reason (and I am still learning) when I was following the tutorial, it says to duplicate a previous sylenth1, but when the sylenth1 software pops up, my midi doesn’t work with it, sometimes it will and sometimes it won’t, any ideas as to where i am going wrong?


have you clicked the red “arm Session recording” button at the bottom of the track?

yeah, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t, I have to shut ableton down the restart the programme sometimes, that can’t be right can it?

does it always work with the computer keyboard?

no. comp keyboard does the same as midi.

Is it just sylenth or does it happen with simpler, impulse, drum racks etc.

it did with impulse, but after I eventually laid the first drum hit, the rest followed, but it seemed to take some button bashing before working, but other times I got nothing, same with comp keyboard, maybe its something ill have to live with.

Do you get audio glitches and latency issues?

What soundcard are you using?

doesn’t seem to have any glitches or latency problems, Sound card is built in with Graphics card which is Nvidia High definition Audio (Nvidia G-force), not sure if this is any help?

Built in soundcards can be a bit dodgy for music production.

You might want to think about getting a USB soundcard with proper ASIO drivers.

oh right…hmm, this is turning into an expensive hobby lol, any idea of reasonable usb sound cards with asio drivers and roughly how much they price at?

I might be able to live with it for the moment, just means coming out of ableton and starting back up, but not all the time, been ok so far today.

are you getting much lag from the time you hit a key and it plays through the speakers?

This is what a sound card will improve on other than sound quality.

Behringer UFO202 – Thomann UK £20

would do the job to get started.

yeah there is alot of lag when the first key is hit and makes it difficult when trying to make some melodies etc, But I just thought it was because my midi didn’t have weighted keys?

so a usb sound card is just the audio interface as shown in your link?

Yep that will sort the delay and put less load on your CPU.

Thanks phil I will look into getting one asap, lol my CPU was sitting at 56% on the peak time trance tut and thought if I add any more my comps gonna explode :slight_smile: will let you know how I get on.