Tensnake Remix

Hi. Any feedback on the remix I submitted?


In particular I’d like suggestions on how to make it more interesting and I’d like to get some mastering suggestions (e.g. multiband compression which I am not too familiar with). I’m looking to improve my skills and welcome any constructive criticism…

it sounds good mate, bit too shiney plasticy for me tho :stuck_out_tongue: top production :slight_smile:

Sounds great. I’d have this professionally mastered and then sent out to desired labels

I am sure some of the veterans on here can give you technical advice on what could be improved.  But I really liked it.

Ace Tune! :wink:

Really good production value here and a pretty nice remix i liked most of the elements in the track, but i believe there’s some things that can be changed to make it a little better than it already is, The bass seems very fluid and doesn’t seem to change much through the song which had me lose interest halfway through maybe add a bit more modulation or some passing notes as the song processes…i also felt like it lacked a breakdown where the elements are taken of and maybe some new elements are introduced and everything is brought back in along with the new elements…its sort off like a surprise and you want to give anticipation to the new elements…that’s pretty much it

Thanks for all the comments. This track is even too shiney/plasticy for me even as I would prefer to produce on the techier side…but I did like how the production turned out. I’m going to go for something techier next. I guess if I were to explain the style I love the most it would be anything DJ Nick Warren plays - literally anything he plays is total ear candy to me. If anyone has suggestions in that direction much appreciated!

Subject 1 your comments are spot on. It always seems like I get into a crunch with meeting the deadline and just slop something together by sustaining loops…that’s becoming a bad habit which I should probably break by working on my own track at my own pace. I’d be keen to get your feedback on my next product. Thanks for taking the time…

Yeah ill be glad to listen to your next production :smiley: