Thank you jamie!

Hi guys, came up with this on Monday night, just starting to add some finishing touches to it now. But I’d just like to pay homage to the music theory dude, Danny Tenaglia’s mix of this tune is in C Major, so I used the same key but Phrygian mode, at least I think I did. I started on E and went up the C major scale from there and I came up with this. Hope you like!!!

Any feedback would be great thanks :smiley:

Cool, Martin!

Now just balance your parts a bit more so the vocal is always in front and not swallowed by the chords and bass and it’ll be even better! Nice job!


Yeah, I blew all my money on a macbook pro, Im using phillips 2.1 speakers to mix. Very bad. I know ha. Ah well. Was I right with the music theory bit though? :slight_smile:

Yep, you could do it that way! It was is C-major to begin with, so you just shifted the tonic to E and used the key of C-major.

Know what might be even more interesting? Try changing the tonic back to C, but change the actual key itself to C-phrygian! So, all your D, E, A, and B notes would be flat. See if that darkens your mix a bit. There might be some clashes with the vocal, but with some careful editing you could make that project a totally different vibe. Experiment!


Nice one mate. I’ll give it a go. Cheers :slight_smile:

Sorry, should have put this in the tunes, mixes podcast bit.