Thank you Sonic Academy!

Hey sonic academy! Im just dropping by to say thanks for all the help, I’ve been watching your tutorials for half a year now and the last one with the SHM is absolutely amazing!

Do you think maybe you can take a look at Aria’s style and make a video tutorial?

More specifically his track: Arno Cost - Souvenir (Arias Remix), Arias - Flyin (Original Mix)

Thanks again,

Niko V

I want to second this.

I have been hesitating for nearly 6 months about subscribing because I thought the tutorials might be too easy but having taken the plunge… I can say I have learned more in the last few weeks than in a whole year.

Something unique here is taking us through tracks from scratch… I know enough about Ableton and Logic but actually creating something from the first drum hit to the final arrangement is gold to me.

I always thought doing is better than watching and to my mind, these tutorials show you techniques that you can apply to any style.

My workflow has improved and its inspiring me to make my own style but giving me the info that so many courses tell you but none actually show you!

60 pounds well spent in my opinion… bring on some deep house tuts guys!